Pradip Burman developed Ayurvet Adarsh Gram Chidana Sep 14th, 2018   [viewed 25 times]

With the sustainable advocacy team for human improvement & Ayurvet Limited, Ayurvet Adarsh Gram- Chidana is the brainchild of Pradip Burman. This initiative has been in work since 2015, to improve the lifestyle of the villages of Chidana. The conditions of the villagers were improved under this program. The areas focused on the program are health care, better developments of infrastructure in school, electricity, drinking water, and sanitation systems. The healthcare systems were given a special attention to assure they get access to better health facilities.

Pradip Burman says that there’s a lot to be done in the villages and the road to development is still a long way to go. He asks all to support the cause as he is working on the same line of the government’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.

Along with this, he strives towards developing the skills of the school students and make them aware of food safety and natural farming methods. The program also focuses on prevailing electricity issues and therefore has installed solar power street light that has been a great help for villagers.

Proper sanitation systems were not there and the program planned by Pradip Burman focused not only on the installation of covered toilet areas but also making the people understand the importance of it. The villagers who were under the BPL section were told about the harmful effects of open defecation and how important is it to have a clean and hygienic toilet system. The change in mindset and the attitude of the villagers was a task itself and it took time for the volunteers to bring the light of health education.

As per the reports presented by the program, 2 separate toilets were constructed for boys and girls in Rajkeey Madhyamic Vidyalaya, 3 toilets were made for the BPL household.